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I love taking photos of people who are unsuspecting and going about their normal lives. It is an insight into the culture, into the moment and it creates a stunning flash that captures a memory.

I also like photos of people in their environment. They are not posed in the classic sense of the photography model but they are smiling, serious , preoccupied or just pensive. I generally post photos of people who have given me permission to photograph them. This is not ALWAYS the case though as I will snipe photos at a distance to capture the moment.

It is easy to tell which photos are which.

I also like faces that are lived in, that tell a storey about their life. For older people, the lines, the wrinkles and the colours of their skin, hair, eyes or other facial features tell who they are and where they have been. The children show joy and happiness (in most cases) with laughing eyes and big smiles.

Under photography there is a gallery of photos taken around the world. I am captioning them as I have time but I posted them to show some of my work. The gallery can be accessed by clicking here.

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