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Late last year, I saw a post about a new start up based out of London England called

It seemed like an amazing concept. Basically, you took your airfare which you could not use and re-sold it through a secure marketplace, something like .

So I went to check it out, and it seems fairly legit. As a caveat, I have to say that I have not used it yet but I certainly plan on trying to. I did check it out with a couple of online sources including one called trust and it seems to be fairly reasonable. Here’s how it works

The seller has an airfare that they can no longer use but that is nonrefundable however it allows for a name change on the flight. The person registers that on

The buyer goes in online and and selects the departure city and can also refine the selection by date and by the country. What I did was leave it open so that I could see all of the flights that were available.

It really winds up being fairly safe because the buyer bids on your flight and you then have the choice to accept or reject that offer as a seller.

Some samples of what I found were listed below;

Once you agree to sell your ticket to the person, the sale is brokered through using PayPal. Sparefare holds the buyers money in escrow until such time as you have changed the name on the ticket to the new person’s name. The seller is responsible for paying the fee for the name change.

[It’s really important that you ensure that the name you provide is the full name including middle names that are in your passport. Also ensure that the spelling of your name is correct. If the spelling is incorrect it will invalidate the ticket and cause you a problem once you get to the airport. You may be denied boarding.

It’s a good deal for the seller because they receive at least some money for a ticket they can no longer use. It’s a good deal for the buyer because they’re picking up a ticket that otherwise might cost them significantly more and they’re receiving it at a substantial discount .

How exactly they (SpreFare) monetize this is uncertain at the moment. There may be a fee that they levy against the seller.

As I said, I haven’t tried this yet, but I plan on doing it and it may be an alternative if you are open to going anywhere anytime and just need a cheap flight.

Also remember that the airfare is only part of your cost. I had a really cheap airfare to Miami from Buffalo but the trip was insanely expensive because of the cost of hotel rooms in Key West. Expensive cities like Copenhagen or Paris will generally wind up the same. Your accommodation being by and large far more expensive than your airfare.

What do you think?

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