I Can’t Stand it Anymore…

I have been home for too long. 

How long, you might ask? The answer is – “Well – it depends on how you define it.”. I have been back from Japan since March 15, 2020. I came home obediently when the Canadian government said that “If you are out of the country, it is time to come home”. I can still hear our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, whispering moistly in my ear. (that is a bit of an inside joke for Canadians).

I did have a couple of minor trips. I went to Manitoulin Island & Sudbury in Northern Ontario during the summer, a weekend fishing in Temagami, and up to Georgian Bay sea kayaking for a long weekend but otherwise, I have been stuck here at home.  I had soooo many trips planned that went by the wayside this year.

Temagami 1

Fishing just outside Temagami Ontario Sept 2020
More shots of the Temagami fishing trip

COVID Conditions in Canada

Today we are under a 28-day lockdown until the end of January in Ontario but most of the other provinces are under the same restrictions. We are advised not to undertake un-necessary travel, stay home, social distance, avoid crowds, wear a mask, and wash our hands. Gatherings of more than 10 people outside are prohibited and don’t even talk about gathering inside until the restrictions are lifted. Non-essential businesses have been ordered closed, restaurants and bars are for takeout only and even grocery stores have been restricted to 25% capacity. If you do travel internationally, you are subject to having a negative COVID PCR test before boarding the plane and a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon your return. (Our border with the USA remains closed – thank god…)

Three different types of COVID-19 vaccines have been ordered (only two approved by Health Canada so far) and inoculations of Health Care Workers, First Responders, and the elderly residents of
nursing homes have begun. Soon, perhaps, I can get my COVID-19 vaccine shot and our government will allow travel advisories to be lifted.

Kayaking on Georgian Bay – July 2020

I couldn’t wait

I booked a trip. I couldn’t help myself, I spotted a great TAP Airlines flight from YYZ-CMN at a steal of a price. Yes, I am going to Casablanca in October. I think by then I will have had my shot and will be able to relax a little as I leave the country. The trip is for two weeks and I have a one-day layover in Lisbon on the way back. That will give me a chance to see a few things I missed when I last visited Portugal.

Some images of Lisbon (The Yellow Lab was such a good dog)

Portugal 1

I plan to spend a few days in Casablanca and then travel through Morocco hitting most of the major cities.



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