I Used to Like AIRBNB

I used to like Airbnb… until I was standing in the street outside the address that Google took me to and found out that the woman that booked the apartment doesn’t live in Praia do Vitoria at all.

I contacted her. Once on my own but we could not communicate well. So I asked two different people to talk to her. She admitted she did not even work in the place she was booking anymore and said that “they” did not change the listing. it certainly did not stop her from taking the money.

So I messaged AirBNB who were absolutely no help at all. In the end the woman I was messaging referred me, on an urgent basis to someone who could call me.

Still waiting for that call

Their service and business model has gone completely downhill since their IPO. I guess the rich guys don’t give a shit anymore.

The view from the Facing Bay Hostel room

One of the people that tried to help me were the proprietors of the Facing Bay Hostel. I came back to them and they cut me a deal.

I found out that I am, in fact, their very first non- family guest. I have a beautiful waterfront room and couldn’t be happier with it. I even had a rainbow to welcome me.

Now I have to get my money back from AirBNB.

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