Day 8- Phoenix/Grand Canyon R2R2R – Sedona and The Vortex of Energy

Feels a little Indiana Jones like… Just the effect I was looking for… 😁😁😁

I woke at 6 and luxuriated in a hot shower scrubbing the trail dirt and the sweaty fumes off my body.

I discovered that my pack had rubbed the skin off my lower back (and off a few other more intimate parts). Vasoline was applied liberally and I dressed for breakfast and the ride back

Madeline bought breakfast as we tried to transfer photos (unsuccessfully) until Ross mentioned that we should both reboot our phones. After that, airdrop worked like a charm.

The group gathered to make a presentation to Alan who managed all of the logistics and put together an amazing trip. Mary read an epic poem celebrating Alan and promised to send it out after she returned home

While dropping photos, we entered into Sedona. Beautiful red mountain scenery surrounded us.

For lunch we stopped in Sedona. It is very much a “woo woo” spirituality kind of place. Everywhere you looked were shops for Auras, Chakras, Yoga, Reiki, energy vortexes and Kombucha Tea.

Luckily the gents found margaritas and Mexican food on the main drag and then visited Sonora Brewing which just happened to be co-located with a dispensary. (We did not buy any)

The group was dropped off at the Phoenix airport and said our goodbyes as they left for Houston.

I had an irritatingly long wait for bus but an UBER was going to be $35 at that time of day. Eventually I reached the hostel and was reunited with my bag.

For dinner I went down the street for BBQ brisket at a BBQ restaurant. Then it was back to the hostel for another early night.

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