Day 10 – Phoenix/Grand Canyon R2R2R – Airport and Home

Again I was up at 6:00 to shower and had breakfast. I finished my packing and UBERED to Americas Friendliest Airport – Phoenix Sky Harbour.

Nothing was open – Not Air Canada check in or Peets Coffee (apparently an employee shortage issue). In Pheonix the great employee shortage has affected big garbage pickup. There are large heaps of junk on the street. I think the issue is more that employees won’t work for the wages that employers are offering.

Having been in Phoenix for 5 days I am PISSED that I could not try WAYMO. They will only allow Americans to download the app. I guess I will have to try it another time.

Waymo car (not sure if there is a driver) operating in Phoenix

So, in summary about Phoenix. They have:

  • Good museums
  • Great Bar Districts – Roosevelt – Old Town

But the bad things are:

  • it’s relatively expensive
  • it’s Damn Hot
  • they have expensive rental cars & accommodations and
  • there are lots of homeless living in bus stops and scrounging bottles

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