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Accommodations are the single biggest expense item on any vacation or trip. Planning your accommodations is also the most complex part of a trip because there are so many options and choices in terms of location, quality and price. 

I am completely adaptable depending on the type of trip, who my travelling companions are and where I am going. If I am on an adventure trip, a camping trip or solo travel through an expensive region or country, I might travel as a budget traveller.  When I travel with my wife ot friends, we are more middle of the road and oriented towards mid-priced accommodations in 4-star hotels or above. I thought it would be useful to include a flowchart. While it is hard to read, the questions are the process that I use. In most cases it tips me toward a budget solution.

So, how do I decide where and what to book and what resources do I use to find them?

For All Inclusive Resorts

When you selct an all includive make sure you are purchasing a trip where you will use the items. For example, it does not make sense to select a place because it has a huge number of activities if all you plan to do is lie on the beach.

Are you planning on drinking and eating your way through the week. If you are dieting you may not want to shell out your hard earned money on things you don’t want or need. – Expedia has a specific filter for all inclusive resorts. Make sure that you undersand exactly what is included and excluded in the resort.

For Vacation Rentals

Airbnb –  Airbnb has an amazing range of places to stay and provides world wide coverage. Hosts ret out thir accomodations wither as the entire place or as a private room in shared accomodation.  (Hint – Using the link above will get you $45 off on your first stay. Make sure you register using that code).




For Home Exchanges


For Hostels

Hostelworld has always been my go to site for booking hostels. You can select by location and rating and the reviews give you a pretty good indication of what to expect. (Note that I am an affiliate with HostelWorld but booking here does not cost you more and I receive a small commission when you book through this link.)