Baton Rouge – Saved from Homelessness in Baton Rouge.

I hadn’t booked accommodations for Baton Rouge. I had searched on HostelWorld and nothing came up. This was going to be a problem. I might be sleeping in the car. (Not that I haven’t done that before but it’s not the most comfortable bed in town)

I googled “hostel in Baton Rouge” and an article popped up in a magazine from a couple of years ago about a new hostel (the only hostel) in Baton Rouge.

I wrote to the email and tried to check out a web site but neither worked. I was not to be dissuaded. I texted the host listed in the article, Melanie Bennett, and we chatted back and forth. During COVID, she had shut down and had not yet reopened.

I explained my predicament and Mel answered the call. I had a room in her eclectic, funky hostel and I was set.

Finding the hostel was a cinch and Mel’s 6 year old niece, Jacinda, (the official hospital ambassador) greeted me and gave me the tour. “This is the kitchen. This is your room. This is the broom closet…”. I really loved the life sized cutout of the Dark Mirror Universe Spock adorning the bathroom door. 🖖Live long & prosper

The Hostel in Baton Rouge

When suitable acclimated and introduced to the features and benefits of the hostel, I set out for food.

My room with an awesome portrait of Kramer
When you are a trek fan! (TOS)

Stopping at Callandro’s grocery store I picked up some beer and snacks. Their beer selection was extensive (but I boringly settled for Miller Lite – Ok, I know , but I least I knew I would like it).

Their hot sauce collection was also a thing of wonder! Hot sauces with names like “ C’mon Man and Bayou Torch”

I cashed out with my beer and went to a locally recommended restaurant which had amazing Louisiana cuisine. Boudin balls and Cajun plates. Their pies were amazing but I jumped for deep fried shrimp and oysters with a side of Red Beams and Rice.

Elsie’s Pies and Plates has a great menu but it’s popularity was going to mean a 45 minute wait – luckily I snagged a seat at the bar so I could eat right away

Elsie’s Pie and Plate. Fried oysters and shrimp with an awesome apple pie to finish off the meal

I finished off the evening chatting with the owner of the hostel about travel and travelers while she drank her wine and I sipped a Knob Creek bourbon.

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