A Second Night In Chez Subaru

An amazing day in Yellowstone Park. Started at The Mammoth Hot Springs in the early morning. (I beat the rangers in) and then continued along to the Norris Hot Springs.

Driving between the two hot springs you pass through plains surrounded by mountains. These mountains are the edge of a volcanic caldera (Crater) of which there are many in the park.

Norris Hot Springs has an Upper and a Lower Basin. There are countless volcanic features: Geysers, Fumaroles, Boiling Pots and Mud volcanos. The largest geyser is Steamboat which is in the Lower Basin.

The geyser sends up water more than 300 feet but only erupts irregularly every 5-7 days. While I was there a film crew from National Geographic was shooting a new series for the UK.


I don’t think they will use my footage.

After traveling across the park (unfortunately I was going to miss the Great Prismatic Spring), I went to the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.

It is definitely not the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River but it IS impressive.

Following a quick meal of Caesar Salad in the cafe. I bought some snacks for another night in the Chez Subaru.

I changed rooms to the passenger seat having tried be back seat and the drivers seat on the prior night. MUCH more comfortable. Unfortunately a cold from rolled through accompanied by sleet and at the higher elevations – snow!

I needed to start the car at 3 for 20 minutes and finally at 5:30, I threw the towel in and started my day.

I am sleeping in a lodge tonight.

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