I Just Got Back… And Then…

I am back from Montana and have a ton of travel planning advice for everyone if they want to visit one of the most visually stunning states I have seen!

I had planned on going to Sri Lanka in February / March as I scored an amazing deal on a flight to Colombo from Montreal for only $382 Canadian. Then I got this e-mail…


Well – Sri Lanka is put on hold. I got into the Tokyo Marathon. The race is 42.2km on March 1, 2020
I tried to make it work for both trips, but my route would have been Toronto – Montreal – New York – Mumbai – Colombo – Singapore – Tokyo. With layovers and travel time it would have been three full days of travel to get to Japan. It also hinged on a flight getting into Colombo at 23:10 and the next flight out to Singapore at 0:45. A really tight connection with all of those flights.
So I have booked a flight with Air Canada direct non-stop to/ from Haneda. Not a screaming good deal but actually cheaper than if I tried to combine my Sri Lanka and Tokyo trips’ into one big adventure. This will now give me a chance to explore Japan.
It means I will have to train for a full marathon all winter.
But follow along as I plan out the next trip on my bucket list!

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