Charming Little Hostel in Asakusa, Tokyo

This was a very good choice for a short stay in Tokyo. The hostel is very clean and well maintained.

The front of the hostel – Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

The staff speaks excellent English and all of them have travelled widely so they know how to make travelers feel comfortable.

The common room and kitchen are fully equipped and there is free coffee and tea all day. You could easily prepare meals here but the nearby department store sells food so cheaply that it almost does not make sense to cook unless you are a larger group.

The kitchen and dining area.

The hostel is very quiet and there is not much of a social vibe. Quiet hours start at 21:00 and it definitely is quiet. Rules around removing your shoes and absolutely no visitors are strictly enforced.

I stayed in a 4 bed dorm room (luckily I had it all to myself). There is an en-suite toilet, sink area and shower. There are small lockers for personal items and larger luggage can be stored at the desk.

4 bed mixed dorm room on the 3rd floor. They also have private rooms available. The room had en-suite bathroom (with heated toilet seats and a bum washer)

The neighborhood is really good. Close to the Senso-ji temple and with multiple small restaurants and department stores nearby. The Asahi Beer office is around the corner and a really nice little park runs along both sides of the Sumita River.

The Ashai beer company headquarters with the Tokyo Skytree in the background. Yes it does look like a giant gold sperm is attacking the building (but I think that is their logo). The building is designed to look like a beer poured into a glass. There is a rooftop bar where great views can be had for the price of a beer.

Overall a great stay

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