Montana Brewing Company

Right on the main drag in Downtown Billings is the Montana Brewing Company brewpub. Man – do they take their beer seriously!

I had the Stillwater Rye Beer (and it was pretty amazing), you can taste the various flavors in the beer.

Billings has a TON of brewers and a TON of craft beer bars. They even have a hike dedicated to beer. (Personally I would call it a pub crawl because surely, it will wind up that way when I do it.)

They also had pizza and flatbreads made with cauliflower crust!!!!! First pizza I have had in 8 months! It was awesome -Pepperoni, Italian Sausage and “Canadian” Bacon. So I am sticking to a Keto diet (except for beer). Lunch was shrimp and imitation crab from the Albertsons deli counter.


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