Releasing Sea Turtles.

I am currently in Puerto Vallarta (a long story – but I will post it soon). I got to do a bucket list item in Puerto Vallarta and I thought I would post a short video of it.

Sea Turtles (in particular Olive Ridley turtles) are endangered. The mothers come ashore and lay their eggs and about 45 days later the turtles hatch and make their dash to the sea.

I was in Costa Rica last year but missed out on the season, so I was delighted to find out that I could participate here

Campamento Tortuguero Boca de Tomates is a conservation group based close to the PV airport and has been in operation for about 16 years.

Patrols see the mothers laying eggs on the beach and volunteers collect them. The eggs are prized raccoon food (and apparently also prized as a men’s virility supplement- although with Viagara so available in Mexico – not so much anymore)

The group protects the eggs in an enclosure and then works with volunteers to release them on the beach when they hatch. The likelihood of an egg/hatchling surviving to a full adult turtlehood is apparently 1/1000. With the help of conservation groups the odds are bettered to 1/100.

Sea Turtles are making a comeback.

They are incredibly cute. Here is the video of them making their way to the sea.

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