Day 6- Phoenix/Grand Canyon R2R2R – Recovery Day on the North Rim

Day 6- Phoenix/Grand Canyon R2R2R – Recovery Day on the North Rim

I woke to the pounding of rain on the Cabin roof at 4:45. I thought that it was hail again, it wars raining that herd. I tiptoed to the door to look out and could see the rain.

I tossed and turned until 6AM and then dressed and left to go to the lodge leaving Kenny to his beauty sleep.

I walked into the Grand Canyon Lodge. It is a mammoth log building constructed during the 1930’s. It is perched (literally) on the edge of the North Rim of the canyon with windows and verandas looking out over the gorge.

It took my breath away. It was like looking at every photo you have ever seen. I took some great photos and then, 1 hr later, dense fog rolled in and blocked the view.

Hungry from my exertions the previous day, I opted for the buffet breakfast. The breakfast was meh. ☹️. Steam tray eggs with dry bacon and sausage. Small bowls of melon that took three to make a serving. I did try the biscuit with Bacon Gravy (Well because it is BACON) which was an interesting taste but far too rich for me.

Our group jumped in the vans and headed out to Group trip out to point imperial

Walking along the trails soaking up knowledge from the placards explaining the botanical specimens and their uses. Juniper, mesquite, Pinyon and more gave me an insight into the canyon rim plants. The fog was playing playing hide and seek with the peaks and valleys below. When the fog lifted I regretted leaving my phone behind to charge.

Angels Window was beautiful and thankfully Alan Tillotson had his phone to capture a photo.

Around noon we were back to the Cabins. I treated my blisters, I lanced them and then put gel bandages on wrapped in medical tape.

I returned to the lodge where I spent a couple of hours writing and looking out the window while it rained. During a brief break in the clouds, I walked out on a tiny ridge with a rail around it to take a few quick photos.

Around 5 PM we gathered together, wearing our group T-shirts, on the veranda in the rain and cajoled another guest to take our group photo.

We had our dinner in the deli which as we entered announced all the items that they had run out of. Dinner was a meatball sub. Nothing but the best for me. 😂

Kenny and I went through the pre-hike ritual of repacking our bags and preparing our packs for the 3:30 wake-up that presaged our North Rim to South Rim return hike.

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