Day 9 – Phoenix/Grand Canyon R2R2R – Botanical Garden and Old Scottsdale

I woke at a decent hour. 7 am instead of crazy early o’clock. I showered and made breakfast. While eating I planned my day.

I grabbed the bus to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. I checked the temperature as I walked to the gate. It was 97 degrees. Yes it’s a dry heat but… c’mon, that’s hot.

Desert gardening at the Phoenix Botanical Garden
I could not get close enough to verify but I believe these are glass sculptures. We did see one plant this color in the Grand Canyon though…
An agave plant. There are a huge variety of specimens. I like the ones that make tequila 🤪😁

I applied sunscreen and began to wander through the 5 different trails in the garden. It really is lovely and I found out that the unidentified plant we saw in the Grand Canyon was Agave. I should have known as it is the source of one of my favorite tipples.

I also did not know the Agave plant (and Mescal) are related to Aloe.

Barrel cactus in bloom

I looked through the Garden shop (oils, soaps & Botanicals) but as usual there was nothing I was interested in buying.

The Butterfly Garden did not disappoint
Powered trolly for transporting drunken bridal bachelorette parties.

Next up was a trip to Old Scottsdale. I was dropped off and immediately found a bar thronged with bridal parties all busily getting plastered. In fact Old Town was mostly bridal parties and football games. In one bar there were four different football games all simultaneously televised throughout the bar. I visited the Rock Bar then Cold Beer and Burgers for lunch where I had – you guessed it.

The All American Burger 🍔

Finally a last beer at Boondocks where I exceeded the average age by about 40 years. I didn’t stay long and then walked to the bus.

As I walked I passed the Maya Day Club. I didn’t go in but there were girls in thong bikinis walking around on the sidewalks outside the club. I think we need a club like that in Toronto. 🥰

I took the bus back to town and stopped at Sazerac for a cool gin and tonic.

I picked up a chicken sandwich on the way to hostel to read my book.

I completed my ArriveCAN and checked in. I noticed that when I checked in that my class had changed because I now have an American Express Aeroplan Card. Yahoo! Free checked bag and lounge access. 👍

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