The Yellowstone RimRunners Take Me In …

When I was first coming to Montana, I immediately started to look for a running group that I might tag onto so that I can enjoy running with other people here in Billings Montana.

So I googled running clubs in Montana and what did I find but the Yellowstone Rimrock Runners. This was a club that I could tag onto and they ran on Saturday mornings. I had time after the conference and their website told me where to meet (the Billings YMCA).

Here is the college campus we cut through.

There was a traffic jam. What a bunch of turkeys…

We had an amazing 10K run through the streets of Billings and then followed it up with the breakfast and coffee at the local diner.


They were incredibly welcoming and it was great to be able to connect with people and run without worrying about where I was and whether I would get lost.

Thanks a lot folks 😊!

If you ever get the chance to run in Billings Montana, look up the Yellowstone Rimrock Runners.


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